Our Customer Say


Stephanie Dupuy

Manager @ Tate & Lyl

"I must say that the team provided by Layers Logic-IT is very well trained and completed the job successfully, the team lead especially is very professional and competent. this is amazing that without any escalation project completed successfully. What I have heard about the other locations – that I had you and your team here and that you did your part that well. We wish to work again with the team for future projects."


Ronald Miller

IT Manager Tate&Lyle in Poland @ Tate & Lyle

"I just wanted to tell you all a written thank you. I had no roll out till now where everything worked so flawlessly and a team so great was. Without you, Austria would never have worked that well out. We had no issues in the training sessions or after them. You and your team were also a huge help for the users themselves to help them not to be afraid of the new COTY world and you also have lowered their fear of new technological changes."



Junior Project Manage @ THE COTY

"Must say that the engineers that you have sent to Lodz were absolutely fabulous. They were punctual, professional, well prepared and focused on the task at hand. They brought some improvement to the process. I’m absolutely happy with the outcome and progress of their work as well as their engagement in the process. I wish they could be engaged in all deployments in my region or that all engineer show so much engagement to the task."